Crafting An Effective Shared Office Space Listing

11-18-2019 | by Looking For Space

You Want To Rent Vacant Offices In Your Space To Other Professionals?

You're In The Right Place!

We are dedicated to aggregating the national demand for shared professional office space and pointing it to your advertisement on our website.  You can "Do It Yourself" or assign it to you Broker.  You can even assign the work to us if you would like an "Assisted Listing"

If you're going to Do It Yourself, here are a few pointers that should help you craft a good ad and get results that satisfy your need to rent extra offices to individuals and firms that are appropriate as "guests" in your environment.

The first thing you'll want to do is take photographs of your office space and have them ready to enter into the Listing Builder.  We suggest that certain areas always be shown in a good listing.  You'll need to take photos of:

  • The reception area showing the waiting area
  • The main conference room
  • The kitchen/pantry
  • The available offices
  • A close up of a workstation if you have any available
  • A shot of the hallway of individual office entrances

This is the basic package to establish a good identity for your advertisement, but feel free to add as many photos as you like (the listings include unlimited images)

Remember that you want to establish the widest frame of reference possible.  When you're shooting an office, back up through the doorway just up until the point where the door frame appears in the viewfinder.  In a reception area you might want to open the front door and back into it, again just until the door frame appears, and then take a photo - this will be your widest view.  (Of course, if you have a wide angle lens your creative kit has a few more options.)

Once you've got your photos ready (640 X 480 pixel size would be ideal) you should start thinking about the text you're going to enter to best describe exactly what you are offering.  There are a few different formulas we use to depict a space in prose, but the tried and true text method includes answers to the following questions:

  • What is the style of the space?  (Is it modern?  Older?  Lots of wood accents?  Lots of glass?  Above standard finishes?)
  • Who occupies the offices - what practice areas are represented
  • How many rooms are available?  (Do they all need to be rented together or will you divide the space for individuals?)
  • What are the dimensions and asking rentals for the rooms
  • Are there any workstations available (If so, how many?)
  • Do you have a full time receptionist?
  • Is telephone and internet service provided?  (Included in rent?  Additional rent?  Bring your own?)
  • If the "guest" tenant is using your phones, is telephone answering provided? (Again, included - additional - or direct dial in?)
  • Is conference room use included?  Are there any limits on how much conference room time is used each month?
  • Is there a kitchen or pantry available on a shared basis (Extra charge, included or bring your own supplies?)
  • Is there any file storage space available outside the offices themselves (Cabinets in hallway or separate file room.)
  • Is there any part time help available in the office on an hourly basis (Administrative, Secretarial, Paralegal, Bookkeeping, Mailing?)
  • What is the general environment like?
  • Is there a possibility of any referral business within the office?
  • How long are the offices available for?  Be very clear about the term of sublease or license you are offering.
  • What is the building like in terms of age, quality and services?
  • What public transportation is near the building?
  • What neighborhood amenities are available (Dining, supplies, entertainment, hotels?)

These are some basic questions that people inquiring about your available rooms will have.  It will be a lot easier for you if all of this information is included in your listing, because it will filter out people who will and will not find your space appropriate to their needs.

It is pretty simple to get all of this information in your description.  If you don't feel like writing it out in the office description section, you can easily indicate the majority of these items in our "Highlights" section.  Each item you enter will appear directly below your text - and you can enter multiple options in each category.  This section can be very useful when building your commercial real estate advertisement - it can save you a lot of time.  Here are examples of what can be chosen:

    Some Furniture Available
    Furnishings For Sale
    Furnished or Unfurnished
    Partially Furnished

    Phone System Included
    Phone Answering Included
    Phone System With Voice Mail
    Phone Answering Available
    Internet Included
    Internet Extra
    Wired For Data & Phones
    Voice Mail Included
    Voice Mail To Email
    Phone System Extra
    IT Room With A/C
    IT Room
    Fiber Optic
    Hi Speed Internet & Wi Fi

    Other Categories Include:
  • Dining
  • Building
  • Space
  • Amenities
  • Views
  • Services

We can't stress enough how important it is to include details, details, details!  If you take the time to craft a complete ad your results will be better on Google & Bing & AOL, and it will result in your receiving more "warm" leads in response to your Ad.

As always, our staff is available at no charge to help you craft your ad.  Use the "Contact" form or
call us at (212) 986-9100

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