Los Angeles Legal Office Space For Sublease

10-12-2015 | by Looking For Space

Los Angeles Legal Office space listings for attorneys and other professionals looking for shared law office space with amenities in convenient Los Angeles business locations.

If you are looking for space in Los Angeles you can view listings on LookingForSpace.com for free. You don't have to register and you can always make direct contact with the person advertising individual offices available for sublease within their law firm's space.

If your firm has extra offices you'd like to sublease to other legal professionals, we offer an effective niche solution for small to mid size Los Angeles law firms seeking to attract solo practitioners and small law firms as subtenants within their larger spaces. If you're interested in acting as a "host" law firm and adding to your firm's bottom line by generating revenue from vacant offices, you should try an ad on our website and see how easy it is to promote your available space online.

When you advertise on our website you'll receive direct inquiries by phone or email from our readers, who are primarily (about 80%) attorneys. Often, you'll get an out of town firm that needs a Los Angeles business presence and Los Angeles office for local attorneys - and more often than not the out of town firm will be larger than your firm in Los Angeles - providing good security for a continuous rent flow. Also, the "host" & "guest" scenario often evolves into a relationship that generates some form of new business or additional business for one side or the other. So in addition to a flat trade of cash for space, there very often is intellectual currency that gets traded between the firms as well.

Here's an example at 11845 W. Olympic Blvd - 90064 - For 1-3 Windowed Offices that are 15/ X 15' and 15' X 10'. CLICK TO VIEW THE LISTING

All you have to do to make direct contact with the principal advertising offices is open the ad to see the name, firm, and phone number for the advertiser. You can also make contact with the principal by responding with the Email form on each listing page.

Our objective is to introduce attorneys and other professionals looking for space in Los Angeles to L.A. Law firms with extra offices available for sublease. The parties contact each other directly and make their own arrangements for space inspections - and subsequently the negotiation of the terms and conditions for a sublease or license for shared legal office space.

Please feel free to view all of our Los Angeles Shared Law Office Space Listings (Click Here)

If your Los Angeles Law Firm has extra law offices available for sublease you can advertise to our audience of attorneys (75%) and other professionals (CPA's + financial professionals) who are looking for law office space. AND, you can make the following standard specification on your listing to denote commercial office space as acceptable for:

  • All Professionals
  • Attorneys Only
  • Attorneys or CPA's Only
  • CPA's Only

So you can actually filter out the audience and only receive responses from the audience segment that is appropriate for your sublease. You can "do it yourself" with our online interface. At the top of any page on the website just click "Add Your Listing", and choose your location to get the correct pricing (the prices vary market to market depending on the traffic in that particular city). If you have any questions or need any help, our real estate marketing professionals are available to help you for free. We can help you draft your ad so your space will be described with good "Google candy" - just call us at: 212.986.9100. Also, if you're looking for space and you have any questions about a listing on the website, we're available to help you as well.

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