The Advantage of Shared Law Office Space At 39 Broadway | Manhattan Financial District

05-24-2023 | by Looking For Space

Law firms and independent practitioners alike have seen a trend emerging over the past decade that is revolutionizing their operations – shared office space. The Financial District of Manhattan is no exception to this, with a wave of shared legal office spaces cropping up across the area, transforming the way law firms operate.

One particular address that stands out in this regard is 39 Broadway. Situated right in the heart of the Financial District, 39 Broadway is home to a collegial firm specializing in union and employee-side law. They offer one or two windowed offices and a workstation for sublease, with the potential for additional offices to be made available.

Stunning river and city viewsThe offices are located on the 24th floor, each measuring around 130 square feet and can be rented furnished or unfurnished based on the tenant's preference. What sets these offices apart are the stunning Hudson River bridge and city views that each office presents, providing an inspiring backdrop for rigorous legal work.

When it comes to amenities, 39 Broadway goes above and beyond to create an environment conducive to the demanding nature of legal practice. The offices are part of a larger 5,000 square foot workspace that includes state-of-the-art audio-video equipped conference rooms, a fully fitted kitchen, and a workspace complete with all the necessary office equipment. From high-speed internet and phone connections to office equipment use – everything is included in the sublease, ensuring a seamless transition for incoming firms or solo practitioners.

Apart from these functional amenities, 39 Broadway also offers conveniences such as 24/7 doorman service and professional cleaning. The location is unbeatable, close to major subway lines (4, 5, N, R, 1, J, Z, M), the East River Ferry, and the bustling business hub of the Financial District, placing it in close proximity to courts, other law firms, and client offices.  

Monthly rent is $2,000 per office (click here for photos) and $500 for a workstation, with lease terms offering flexibility from a minimum of 1 year to up to 6 years. This cost-effective arrangement makes 39 Broadway a highly attractive choice for law firms looking to expand their operations in the Financial District without the burden of a long-term, high-cost lease. 

In the broader context, shared office spaces like 39 Broadway are more than just a trend in the Financial District. They are a practical solution for firms and attorneys looking to cut overhead costs, increase networking opportunities, and gain access to professional, equipped workspaces in prime locations. These spaces foster a sense of community, enabling law professionals to collaborate and learn from each other while maintaining their independence.

In conclusion, the 39 Broadway sublet presents an ideal opportunity for attorneys seeking shared legal office space in Manhattan's Financial District. By offering a cost-effective, well-equipped, and well-located workspace, it epitomizes the benefits of shared office space for today's legal professionals. If you are a lawyer seeking a new base in the heart of the Financial District, 39 Broadway should be at the top of your list.  Learn More About Looking For Space

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