About Washington

Washington state is in the northwest corner of the country with boundaries to the north of British Columbia (Canada) and Idaho and Oregon to the south and the Pacific Ocean coast on the west - which leads to a lot of trade with Alaska and Canada in general. The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area is where about half of the population lives. Spokane is the next largest city.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing have always been a large part of the economy because of the natural bounty of the area. Large employers in high technology and manufacturing include Boeing, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Microsoft Corporation and Amazon. And as a point special interest let's not forget the Grand Coulee dam and hydroelectric power plants.

The most important commercial office buildings in Washington are:
  • 1201 Pacific is the tallest building in Tacoma (Class B) and incorporates 310,000 sq ft of space
  • Bellevue 600 is going to be built by Amazon located in Downtown Bellevue. As planned this structure will encompass 1,036,000 sq. ft. on 45 floors
  • City Center Bellevue is a 496,000 sq ft Class A commercial building of 27 stories.
  • City Center East is a 583,000 sq ft structure
  • Everett Mutual Tower (Key Bank Center) in Everett is 145,000 sq ft
  • Tower 333 is a 400,000 sq ft Seattle building and Amazon is the tenant

There are more than 30 flexible office / coworking suites in Seattle. Accordingly, there is a robust market for extra offices in shared professional space - especially because Seattle is one of the best Tech markets in the U.S. today trailed only by San Francisco Bay area and Washington D.C.

Sharing office space in Washington is a simple process once the "host" and the "guest" have the right material to work with to both contact each other initially and to get through the particulars of a transaction. LookingForSpace.com provides a facility for independent professionals to find individual offices for rent in the premises of a larger entity - of a specific occupational specialty. This allows you to find suite mates whose practices will be aligned with yours - a much more comfortable arrangement than strangers that have nothing to do with each other sharing a space. This is why attorneys for example find it easy to rent individual offices in someone else's law firm. As soon as the "guest" has signage or other identification at the "front of the house", they can comfortably work within someone else's space and not feel like they are getting lost within a larger entity. The smallest "single" can have good identity and feel comfortable that their existence is visible to visitors and guests, in addition to being a legal mailing address for all other purposes.

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