About District of Columbia

Washington DC, the US Capital is bordered by Maryland, Virginia and the Potomac River. It is the seat of government with ornate buildings for The Capitol, The White House, and the Supreme Court. The current full time population is over 700,000 with about 55,000 registered attorneys. The professional and service sectors are prominent here, and the Government accounts for about 40% of all the jobs while tourism is the second largest industry. Overall, the private sector accounts for about 570,000 jobs and the government sector about 240,000. There are about 350 Class A buildings accounting for close to 95,000,000 sq. ft., and about 900 Class B buildings with about 50,000,000 sq. ft. Class C buildings account for the largest count (1,100) but the smallest overall footage (10,500,000 sq. ft.)

With respect to the building inventory, there are height restrictions throughout the district. The 2largest buildings are Constitution Center at 400 7th St. SW (1,410,000 sq. ft.), Southeast Federal Center at 12000 New Jersey Ave. SE (1,350,000 sq. ft.). The Pentagon weighs in at 3,700,000 sq. ft. and holds about 25,000 employees. The courtyard of the building(s) is over 5 acres in area.

Shared commercial office space and coworking are two very big trends in D.C. Portions of this space are temporary units but the majority are full time office users, even if they are not full time residents. Legal office sharing is prevalent here because many firm clients also want to office in DC - and often their law firm will also be willing to provide them with space. Accordingly, the "extra office" market is fairly tight and the coworking footprint has vitality. Professional. Business and financial services account for over 1,150,000 jobs here. There is a total of about 60,000,000 sq. ft. of commercial space here. WeWork coworking is the largest occupier in the city which bodes very well for the shared commercial office space sector focused on the rental of individual offices or groups of offices, incorporating the amenities used by the "host" firm. It is interesting to note that there are over 100 coworking centers in DC at the present time. The flex space market accounts for over 3 million sq. ft. of space in DC - which ranks it as the 8th largest US flex market by total space occupied. A large portion of this market is in the East End submarket (east of 15th Street).

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