LookingForSpace.com Announces It's New Upgraded Website

06-18-2015 | by Neal Lerner

If your Boston law firm has extra offices available for sublease, and you'd like to rent them to other attorneys who are looking for space in a shared legal office environment you can advertise them to appropriate professionals on a direct, Principal to Principal basis, using our Website. Attorneys and other professionals can view all of our listings for free and make direct contact with you either by email or phone.

If you are looking for space in a Boston, and you'd like to rent offices within the premises of a larger Boston law firm (with shared amenities like conference rooms, receptionist, kitchen etc.) you can find that kind of commercial office space on our website and contact the advertiser that controls the space for more information. We encourage our advertisers to post robust listings with long descriptions and plenty of photographs so that the respondents are generally "warm" leads because they know exactly what is being offered. We pride ourselves on detailed listings. And, if you are looking for offices for sublease in Boston, there is no charge whatsoever to view any of the listing on the site. And, if you take the extra step of registering (also for free, by simply providing your name, email and phone number) you'll be able to see the advertisers Name, Firm and phone number...and if you don't register, you'll still be able to contact any advertiser on the site by email.

If you have extra offices available for sublease in your Boston law firm (or other professional firm), you can advertise on our site while we're building local traffic, starting at only $19.00 per month for a full page, search engine optimized listing that will give your available offices an instant internet presence. Our listings include an unlimited number of photos as well as unlimited text and we encourage you to write long and accurate descriptions of your offices as well as include oodles of photos - because we want our readers to understand exactly what you've got and exactly what you're offering them.

We're available in our Manhattan office to help you with any questions you have about our service or about adding a listing. It's really quite simple to launch an ad, and if you click "Add Your Listing" above, you'll be online attracting attention in less than 10 minutes.

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