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We offer a broad selection of NYC office space available for sublease from law firms. Most of the New York office advertisements on our website are direct ads from principals of small to medium size law firms that have extra offices to sublet to another attorney. This attorney to attorney marketplace is currently most active in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Orange County - but NYC is the epicenter of the activity for attorneys looking for space.

If your New York law firm has extra offices available for sublease, you can advertise them directly to other legal professionals - and you will receive all of the inquiries by telephone or email. Our office space listings are very detailed, and offer you the opportunity to completely explain to the reader exactly what you are offering. As a result, you don't get an avalanche of responses, but the inquiries you get will generally be warm leads, because the prospect is responding to the details you have provided and your offering matches their requirement.

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Individual offices for sublease in New York City vary in price. The office rental range is generally $2500 - $3500 per month in Midtown, with workstation rentals in the range of $500 - $750 per month when rented in association with an office or group of offices. The amenities provided within the rent for the office generally include: Reception Services | Use of the Telephone system (generally includes equipment and the sublessee ports their own lines to the sublessor's system | Telephone Answering (not always included and not always available) | Conference room use as required | Kitchen access | Document preparation equipment (copy/scan/fax), postage machine (sublessor pays for postage) and mail distribution). Sometimes there will be secretarial or paralegal help available for an additional hourly fee but for the most part we see secretaries and paralegals dedicated to specific attorneys or specific groups of attorneys, without any overflow time available. This varies from office to office depending on the specific situation governing the rentals.

Downtown NYC, the rentals are a bit more relaxed, in the average range of $1500 to $3000 per month depending on the size of the office and the quality of the space itself. Workstations downtown range from $350 to $750 per month, depending on size, location and how many other offices are being rented in conjunction with the workstations. (Sometimes workstations are "thrown in" to seal the deal for the offices). We see a number of attorney specific law office suites that are often in "B" buildings Downtown and frequently proximate to the courts. These are "B" buildings generally because they are turn of the century construction, and have not always been upgraded to a modern standard. These buildings provide all of the amenities that any office space user would require, it is just that the overall effect is less dramatic than it would be in a new or renovated building.

We designate this type of space as "NYC shared legal office space" and while many law firms specify their rentals are offered to attorneys only, a good percentage of our office space advertisers will indicate that the listing is for all appropriate professionals who are looking for space in a New York City law firm. The listings on our site are probably divided 50/50 between these two categories. Occasionally a sublessor will specify that the listing is for attorneys and accountants only.

We have found that almost universally a large law firm in the top 250 firms with offices in New York will not be a candidate for our service to rent shared office space. The shared legal office concept appeals primarily to small and mid-size firms. The larger law firms will generally have security issues surrounding attorneys within their space that are not direct employees of the law firm with the reason most likely to be client security issues. Many small to mid size firms will have the same issue. Our client base is the group of law firms that don't have these issues of confidentiality - and who most likely have a history of renting offices to other attorneys, whether or not they are in an allied practice.

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The larger law firms who have a requirement to dispose of space will generally choose to build a wall, and offer a discrete unit of office space that is separate from their facility. These sublets are ideal for law firms because they were originally built for law firm use with a high concentration of perimeter offices. Sometimes the "host" firm will rent individual offices within that discrete (private) space, and provide reception services and phone answering. More likely, the "private" space will be subleased as a discrete unit where the sublessee is required to manage the services and amenities that are associated with the office space. In this situation the sublessee is responsible for their own receptionist, phone system, network, IT maintenance, internet and phone service, equipment rentals and furnishings. The space will be cleaned by the landlord, and this service will flow through to the subtenant along with any other building services that are provided in the main lease, to include heating and air conditioning during business hours on weekdays, and usually for a half day on Saturday. Supplemental air conditioning and heating is usually available on demand, but the building manager has to be given sufficient notice

Sometimes, because the sublessor doesn't have privity with the landlord or the landlord's agent, in order to request supplemental services the communication has to come from the sublessor to the landlord rather than the sublessee to the landlord. This sometimes creates a delay, and the subtenants are usually better off when the landlord agrees in advance to allow them to make normal day to day building maintenance requests directly to the landlord (or landlord agent) and circumvent the extra step of passing the initial request through the sublessor.

The selection varies from month to month as we are always adding new listings and removing others that have gotten rented, All of the listings in the NYC "Offices In Law Firms" section are current advertisements either from principals or which have been listed as a "Broker Assisted" listing. The direct to principal listings are monthly paid advertisements where the law firm with extra offices has engaged to promote their available office space on a principals only basis. The contact information in the listing will be for the advertiser, and the inquiring party will reply directly to that principal through the advertisement. As an alternative we offer our broker assistance which is a service predominantly paid for upon success. In this case will receive and respond to all of the inquiries and will help vet the prospect, describe your space and your offering, negotiate your terms and conditions and ultimately provide an agreed term sheet delineating the agreed terms and conditions for the sublease or license. Because all of the advertisements are either paid or actively broker assisted, they are by definition all current because nobody will pay a monthly advertising fee for office space that has already been rented. The nature of our business is that when a listing becomes "stale" it is removed from the system by the advertiser or the LookingForSpace broker who is representing the sublessor.

A particularly popular office format in our listings is the "suite within a suite". This is genarally a group of offices in a row, with workstations immediately outside, that is tucked into a discrete area of the office, often off to one side of the reception area with a feeling of independence from the rest of the space. Other times it is just a group if offices together, though amidst the other attorneys within the space. In either case there are shared common facilities between the "guest" and the "host" - and the guest has generally free access to all of the rooms within the space. Sometimes there is file room space available outside of the offices and this can be a dedicated room just for the subtenant or a shared room for all of the tenants occupying the space. Again, some firms will have issues with other people's potential access to their filed matters, and will require locking cabinets to secure their materials.

The New York City office space market is currently at an all time high. Landlords are getting premium rentals for office space and in midtown the average office space rental is at the time of this writing, approximately $71.50 per sq. ft. We have for the first time seen some offerings in new buildings or particularly high end buildings, for $200 per square foot - which is unprecedented in the history of office space rentals in New York. There are very few firms that can afford this kind of rent - and for the most part we are seeing hedge funds and private equity firms looking at this kind of space, rather than law firms and other service entities. The service firms still have to be able to charge their clients fees that are affordable, and the underlying office rent is a particularly large component of the bottom line calculation - which to some degree will dictate the hourly fees charged to clients.

So our office listings are comprised of 3 basic categories:

  • Individual offices and groups of offices for sublease from law firms
  • Individual offices and groups of offices for sublease from other (non legal) professional firms
  • Offices offered for license by Executive Suites. (In this category we try to only advertise Executive Suite office listings that we feel will be appealing to attorneys either because of location, amenities, or the proximity of a good percentage of other attorneys within the space.
  • Office space (discrete units of private space) for sublease - on a "space only" basis, without the inclusion of any amenities or services other that those basic items provided by the building to the sublessor (cleaning, heating, air conditioning, elevator service, lobby attendants, building maintenance, trash removal, common area cleaning and maintenance, porter service, etc.

We generally see listings in buildings that vary in quality from "A" to "C". Many of the "B" and "C" buildings are located Downtown where the original construction was turn of the century, and though they have been upgraded somewhat over time, they generally have not been modernized to the extent that newer (post 70's) construction will be. Accordingly, the cost of the office space in these buildings is lower and more affordable - and often very attractive to legal practitioners who require an office in the city but don't require one to show off, or make a statement about the success of the firm. Often these offices will be proximate to the courts and to public transportation and more often than not they are described as "Art Deco" buildings.

In conclusion, we advertise a variety of NYC Office Space for principals seeking other principals to whom they can rent offices. Our niche is shared legal office space comprised of individual offices or groups of offices for rent, as well as private space, generally less than 5,000 sq. ft. that would be appropriate for small law firm occupancy. We find that the larger units of space will appeal to a broader range of tenancies and in that our niche tends to be primarily legal professionals, once a space exceeds 5,000 sq. ft. it is more efficient to advertise to a broader group of tenants. Generally our private spaces, if over 5,000 sq. ft. will be furnished, finished and completely and the ad will indicate if the inquiry is gong directly to the sublessor, or to or to an outside broker who is advertising space on behalf of their client. You will always know who you are responding to.

If your firm has extra offices or extra office space you can advertise it directly to principals on our website. If you choose a Featured Listing or Broker Assisted listing your space will also be distributed monthly on an email blast to attorneys, which will give it a bit of extra coverage. You can add your listing online by CLICKING HERE, and the listing entry process is relatively straight forward. You will just need photographs of your space to launch the listing. And, because our NYC Featured Listing service is backed by real estate marketing professionals, you can also call us to write and enter the ad for you, as well as take photographs of your space and provide an on-site valuation.

If your firm is looking for private space, we are also tenant representative brokers with a very strong background in representing law firms to find, negotiate and execute lease and sublease transactions in New York. We can provide a free space analysis showing you the entire inventory of office space available in New York City that matches the terms of your requirement. We'll help you narrow down the list to the top choices and we will accompany you on all inspection tours. Once you select the primary spaces, we will begin the lease negotiation process - often for 2 or 3 spaces in parallel on a simultaneous basis. This will give you the best coverage and allow you to select the "best" opportunity rather than the space you "must have". We will also model the spaces so that you can compare them to each other on an "apples to apples" basis while you are making your decision.

If your firm or solo practice is looking for individual offices for sublease in the premises of another law firm, you can view all of our listings for free and without the obligation to register. Each listing includes contact information for the principal that is advertising the space and in the case of or another outside broker representing the sublessor, the listing will be designated as to the source of the information. Our objective is that you will always know the position of who you are responding to - whether it be a principal or the agent for a principal. We're available to help you with your search and we try to be familiar and conversant about every listing on our site. Feel free to call: 212.986.9100 for any help you require finding new office space, new offices, or advertising your available offices or office space. We are a full service firm that promotes office space through online advertisements as well as offering the assistance of "tenant representative" brokers with a deep and successful history of representing law firms looking for space or offices in New York City.

Our niche is shared legal office space and our audience is primarily legal professionals. As such, you don't get an avalanche of extraneous phone calls - but rather a pinpoint selection of legal professionals who are actually interested in what you are offering and who could be consdered generally "warm leads", because from a professional standpoint our website offers detailed technical descriptions of the space you are offering and when someone makes an inquiry they know exactly what you are offering and are therefor interested in what you've got for rent. We advocate longer descriptions and many photos as well as including full pricing and dimensional information. This will save you time - and for example of you are offering a $3000 per month office and make the rental clear, you won't get calls from people looking for a $2000 per month office - which will save time for both sides.

We have a 5-year documented track record of success renting offices and space for law firms and solo practitioners. We invite you to look for space or let us help you find new space in New York City, that will accomplish every one of your occupancy goals.
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